Funnel Aingeru Astui

Flag Aingeru Astui

Naviera de Castilla

        This company was owned by the Grupo Pereda.

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Bonifaz - Collection J.M. Azofra Negrón

Bonifaz - Collection S. Pérez Calleja

Pielagos by T. Diedrich

Por T. Diedrich

Minas Conjuro
Minas Conjuro - Collection T. Diedrich

Minas Conjuro by J.L. Torregrosa

Minas Conjuro - Collection J. Peña Berrazueta
        On the blackboard: 6th/February/1970, the position indicate that she was in the Gulf of México, west to Florida, bound to the River Mississippi. So she was in the way to load corn in New Orleans.
Minas Conjuro - Collection J. Peña Berrazueta
Up or down the River Mississppi
Minas Conjuro - Collection J. Peña Berrazueta
On this and next, maybe in the River Paraná
Minas Conjuro - Collection J. Peña Berrazueta

Minas Conjuro - Collection C. Kleiss
Berthed at Valencia

Mendoza by T. Diedrich
       She was built at Sevilla by the Empresa Nacional Elcano shipyard as Astene, being delivered in 1964 to Naviera de Castilla as Mendoza. In 1969 she was bought by Letasa, keeping the name, but only four years later she was sold to Protostatis Cia. Naviera being renamed Agelos Raphael.
       On 06/11/1976 she was struck by the Pakistani vessel Rupsa at Gulf of Saint Lawrence, when leaving Toledo loaded with grain bound to Leith. She was towed to Quebec to be repaired and after more than a month of repair when leaving the shipyard she ran on the opposite shore to Quebec on rocky bottom, due to the towing line breakage. The damage was so extensive that she was declared a total loss. In July/1978 she was towed to Browsville to be scrapped.
Shipyard / Year E.N. Elcano - Sevilla / 1964
Dead weight 23,350 MT
Gross register 15,867 GRT
Length 176.7 mtr
Breadth 22.6 mtr
Depth 14.2 mtr
Maximum draught 10.0 mtr
Propulsion MTM - Sulzer 10SD72
Power 7,300 H.P.
Speed 14.0 knots
Sold 1969 to
Owner / Name Naviera Letasa / Mendoza
Sold 1973 to
Owner Protostatis Cia Naviera - Liberia
Name Agelos Rafael
Collision 1976 - Golfo de San Lorenzo
Scrapped Brownsville - 1977


Sardinero - Collection J.C. Gonzalez

Sardinero - Collection J.C. Gonzalez

Pablo Garnica
Pablo Garnica - Collection T. Diedrich

Solares by T. Diedrich

Solares - Collection V. Martínez Gómez
The vessel's specifications can be seen on this table

Solares - Collection V. Martínez Gómez

Solares - Collection J.L. Castañeda
Solares - Collection J. Peña Berrazueta
Here can be seen how the main deck looked like
Solares - Collection J. Peña Berrazueta
and the bow with the company's figurehead

Solares - Collection J. Peña Berrazueta
As opposed to this quite steaming
Solares - Collection L. Jar
this other with the waves breaking on the bow
Solares - Collection L. Jar
and with more heavy seas the water was splashing on deck

Angela Pando ex-Solares
Angela Pando - Collection Luis Jar

Santillana - Collection F. Gómez Marcano

Santillana - Collection J. Peña Berrazueta

Santillana - Collection J. Peña Berrazueta

Pablo Garnica
Carmen Maria - Collection A. Corte

Shipyard / Year AESA - Sestao / 1974
Dead weight 117,189 MT
Gross register 62,805 GRT
Length 275.2 mtr
Breadth 39.0 mtr
Depth 22.0 mtr
Maximum draught 16.4 mtr
Propulsion AESA - Sulzer 8RND90
Power 23,200 H.P.
Speed 15.4 knots
Bought 1981 to
Owner Naviera Letasa
Name Carmen Maria
Sold 1989 to
Owner Ocean Bulk
Name Pablo Garnica
Sold 1991 to
Owner Ocean Bulk Servant Nav. Corp.
Name Ocean Servant
Sold 1991 to
Owner Mowbray Shipping Co. / Liberia
Name Reedemer
Sold 1992 to
Owner Polydoros Shipping Co. / Chipre
Name Polydoros
Fire 20-11-1994
Scrapped Alang - India / 1995

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