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Naviera Letasa

Briquetas Zorroza
Briquetas Zorroza by T. Diedrich

Shipyard / Year Willian Gray & Co. / 1889
Dead weight 2,582 MT
Gross register 1,697 GRT
Length 79.3 mtr
Breadth 11.6 mtr
Depth 5.5 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 624 H.P.
Speed 9.0 knots
First owner Hardy Wilson & Co.
Name Norlans
Owner (2nd) Cía. Santanderina de Navegación
Name / Year Peña Rocias - 1889
Owner (3rd) Antonio Menchaca
Name / Year Briquetas Zorroza - 1934
Bought 1964 to
Owner Antonio Menchaca
Scrapped Santander / 1965

Somio by F. Estrañi
She was bought in 1962 to Santiago Rivero Morán, her owner since 1952 when he named her Somio, name kept until scrapped.
Shipyard / Year Austin - Reino Unido / 1896
Dead weight 1,670 MT
Gross register 1,278 GRT
Length 71.7 mtr
Breadth 10.4 mtr
Depth 4.3 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 588 H.P.
Speed 9.0 knots
Owner / Name William Cory & Son Ltd. / Harborne
Sold 1916 to
Owner / Name Cia. Cory Colliers Ltd. / Harborne
Renombrado / Año Corburn / 1920
Sold 1921 to
Owner / Name Cía. Maritima Elanchove / Ea
Sold 1942 to
Owner / Name Carbones de Tenerife / Ea
Sold 1943 to
Owner / Name Cía. Navieros del Norte / Ea
Sold 1952 to
Owner / Name Santiago Rivero Moran / Somio
Bought 1962
Sold 1967 to
Owner Transportes Frigoríficos Marítimos
Name Somio
Scrapped Santander / 1969

Somio by T. Diedrich

Somio by T. Diedrich

Marsopa - Collection J. Careaga

Shipyard / Year Tomás Ruiz de Velasco / 1956
Dead weight 931 MT
Gross register 724 GRT
Length 52.1 mtr
Breadth 8.8 mtr
Depth 4.8 mtr
Maximum draught 4.3 mtr
Propulsion Naval - Polar M44M
Power 740 H.P.
Speed 11.0 knots
Bought 1968 to
Owner Naviera Dirman S.A.
Name Barazar
Sold 1971 to
Owner Atumba S.A.
Name Marsopa
Sold 1982 to
Owner Atunsa
Name Marsopa
Sold 1985 to
Owner Atuneros Congeladores y Transportes Frigoríficos
Name Marsopa
Sunk Ivory Coast close to Abidjan - 15/12/1991

Mendoza by T. Diedrich
       She was built at Sevilla by the Empresa Nacional Elcano shipyard as Astene, being delivered in 1964 to Naviera de Castilla as Mendoza. In 1969 she was bought by Letasa, keeping the name, but only four years later she was sold to Protostatis Cia. Naviera being renamed Agelos Raphael.
Mendoza - Collection J. Careaga
       On 06/11/1976 she was struck by the Pakistani vessel Rupsa at Gulf of Saint Lawrence, when leaving Toledo loaded with grain bound to Leith. She was towed to Quebec to be repaired and after more than a month of repair when leaving the shipyard she ran on the opposite shore to Quebec on rocky bottom, due to the towing line breakage. The damage was so extensive that she was declared a total loss. In July/1978 she was towed to Browsville to be scrapped.
Shipyard / Year E.N. Elcano - Sevilla / 1964
Dead weight 23,350 MT
Gross register 15,867 GRT
Length 176.7 mtr
Breadth 22.6 mtr
Depth 14.2 mtr
Maximum draught 10.0 mtr
Propulsion MTM - Sulzer 10SD72
Power 7,300 H.P.
Speed 14.0 knots
Bought 1969 to
Owner / Name Naviera de Castilla / Mendoza
Sold 1973 to
Owner Protostatis Cia Naviera - Liberia
Name Agelos Rafael
Collision 1976 - Golfo de San Lorenzo
Scrapped Brownsville - 1977

Mendoza por F. Estrañi

Iñigo Lopez Tapia
Inigo Lopez Tapia by T. Diedrich
On the backgroung was the Azacan, towing a barge that was the conversion of the vessels Almaden and Almazan, both owned by COFRUNA. In 2019 she is still in service as World Tug 1.
Shipyard / Year Astilleros Ardeag - Bilbao / 1970
Dead weight 171 MT
Gross register 233 GRT
Length 31.5 mtr
Breadth 8.3 mtr
Depth 4.4 mtr
Maximum draught 3.5 mtr
Propulsion Deutz SBV 8M 628
Power 1,800 H.P.
Bollard Pull 28.0 tns
Sold 1978 to
Owner Remolcadores de Avilés
Name Raices
Name 2010 Edurne
Name 2011 Mendexa
Name 2012 World Tug 1
In 2019 still in service

Raices - Collection J. Careaga
As Raices
World Tug 1 by A. Mantilla
As World Tug 1, at Santander in May 2018

Jaime Lopez Tapia
Jaime Lopez Tapia by F. Estrañi

Shipyard / Year Juliana Axpe / 1970
Gross register 125 GRT
Length 24.5 mtr
Breadth 6.8 mtr
Depth 3.2 mtr
Propulsion Caterpillar D398
Power 740 H.P.
Speed 10.3 knots
Sold 1988 to
Owner Fondomar, S.L.
Scrapped 1977

Jaime Lopez Tapia
On 30/October/1978 towing the barge Aumabisa with the crane that was removed from the Ripon. By the aft was the Ezaro.
Jaime Lopez Tapia
On 7/November/1977 towing, made fast to the side, the barge Fernando.
Jaime Lopez Tapia - Collection J. Careaga
Main engine view

Ezaro by F. Estrañi

Shipyard / Year Astilleros Murueta / 1951
Gross register 36 GRT
Length 18.0 mtr
Breadth 4.3 mtr
Depth 2.1 mtr
Propulsion Diesel engine
Power 500 H.P.

Ezaro por F. Estrañi
Towing, on 7/November/1977, the barge Aumabisa Cinco.

Soledad Maria
Soledad Maria by T. Diedrich
She was sold to Marítima Antares, being the third ship bougth by that company to Letasa. She was renamed Laura Pando.
Shipyard / Year AESA - Sestao / 1971
Dead weight 79,826 MT
Gross register 44,992 GRT
Length 254.0 mtr
Breadth 32.2 mtr
Depth 19.7 mtr
Maximum draught 14.7 mtr
Propulsion AESA - Burmeister & Wain 7K84EF
Power 17,500 H.P.
Speed 16.3 knots
Sold 1982 to
Owner Marítima Antares
Name Laura Pando
Sold 1991 to
Owner Seven Seas Maritime Ltd - Chipre
Name Andria
Sold 1992 to
Owner Swift Shipping Co. Ltd. - Chipre
Name Andria
Scrapped Giangzhou - China / 1994

Soledad Maria by F. Estrañi

Soledad Maria by F. Estrañi

Soledad Maria - Collection A. Martín
She set the record for cargo downloaded at Santander
Soledad Maria - Collection A. Martín

Ripon - Collection J. Careaga
       This bulkcarrier was bought in 1972 to work as a floating crane at Bilbao. She was modified at Santander and, as can be seen in the photos, the central superstructure was removed to allow the installation of a path for the crane along the length. The stern was modified, adding on it the disassembled bridge with all its equipment.
       A large gantry crane was installed which, as can be seen in the second photo, could be extended on both sides, allowing all types of unloading conditions, both to act as a temporary warehouse and to unload the ships on one side to barges alongside the other. The electrical consumption of the crane was much higher than the original auxiliary engines could supply. For this reason, three new engines were installed with 440 volt and 360 kVA alternators.
       She kept the same name all her life, because when he was bought she kept the initial name. She was scrapped in 1977.
Ripon - Collection J. Careaga

Shipyard / Year Lithgows - Glasgow / 1956
Dead weight 15,300 MT
Gross register 10,731 GRT
Length 153.9 mtr
Breadth 21.1 mtr
Depth 12.0 mtr
Propulsion Doxford 2SCSA
Power 4,500 H.P.
Speed 11.5 knots
Bought 1972 to
Owner Bolton Steam Shipping Co. Ltd.
Scrapped 1977

Ripon - Collection J. Careaga
With her original look
Ripon by T. Diedrich
That was the same as when arriving to Santander. Alongside her was the Iñigo Lopez Tapia
Ripon by T. Diedrich
The first step was removing the central accomodation at ASTANDER and installing the bridge on top of the after one.
Ripon - Collection P. Blanco
Afterwards the crane was installed. Due the weight and size it was installed using the Equipos Nucleares crane.
Ripon by F. Estrañi

Pilar Maria
Pilar Maria - Collection J. Careaga
        She was sold in 1981 to Marítima Antares and renamed Angela Pando, second with this name, but in the same year she was sold to a Panamanian company and renamed Sprycarrier. Although on the photo, which corresponds to the official trials, did not have a crane, one was installed later.
Shipyard / Year AESA - Matagorda / 1972
Dead weight 53,489 MT
Gross register 29,758 GRT
Length 205.0 mtr
Breadth 29.1 mtr
Depth 18.0 mtr
Propulsion AESA - Sulzer 6RD90
Power 15,000 H.P.
Speed 15.5 knots
Sold 1981 to
Owner Marítima Antares
Name Angela Pando
Sold 1981 to
Owner Sprycarrier Corp. / Panama
Name Sprycarrier
Sold 1991 to
Owner Gallissas Shipping Ltd. / La Valeta
Name Levantes
Sold 1994 to
Owner Melani Shipping Ltd. / La Valeta
Name Bonsai
Scrapped Chittagong - Bangladés / 1998

Angela Pando - Collection J. Careaga
These photos show her with the crane that was installed later
Pilar Maria by F. Estrañi

Carmen Maria
Carmen Maria - Collection J. Careaga

Shipyard / Year AESA - Sestao / 1974
Dead weight 117,189 MT
Gross register 62,805 GRT
Length 275.2 mtr
Breadth 39.0 mtr
Depth 22.0 mtr
Maximum draught 16.4 mtr
Propulsion AESA - Sulzer 8RND90
Power 23,200 H.P.
Speed 15.4 knots
Sold 1981 to
Owner Naviera de Castilla
Name Pablo Garnica
Sold 1989 to
Owner Ocean Bulk
Name Pablo Garnica
Sold 1991 to
Owner Ocean Bulk Servant Nav. Corp.
Name Ocean Servant
Sold 1991 to
Owner Mowbray Shipping Co. / Liberia
Name Reedemer
Sold 1992 to
Owner Polydoros Shipping Co. / Chipre
Name Polydoros
Fire 20-11-1994
Scrapped Alang - India / 1995

Carmen Maria - Collection A. Corte

Mercedes Maria
Navios Commander - Collection J.L. Díaz Campa y A. Méndez
As Navios Commander
Shipyard / Year AESA - Sestao / 1975
Dead weight 117,189 MT
Gross register 62,805 GRT
Length 275.2 mtr
Breadth 39.0 mtr
Depth 22.0 mtr
Maximum draught 16.4 mtr
Propulsion AESA - Sulzer 8RND90
Power 23,200 H.P.
Speed 15.6 knots
Sold 1981 to
Owner Marítima Antares
Name Lucrecia Pando
Sold 1981 to
Owner Navios Commander Inc. / Liberia
Name Navios Commander
Sold 1983 to
Owner Adriatic Cargo Carriers Inc. / Liberia
Name Ocean Winner
Sold 1987 to
Owner Clyde Marine Ltd. / Chipre
Name Nordic Renaissance
Sold 1987 to
Owner Tankertrade Marine Ltd. / Chipre
Name Theogennitor
Scrapped Chittagong - Bangladés / 1997

Marcoazul by F. Estrañi
Bought in 1976 to Marcosa and sold in 1980 to the same shipping company.
Shipyard / Year AESA - Sevilla / 1974
Dead weight 35,267 MT
Gross register 19,916 GRT
Length196.0 mtr
Breadth 24.3 mtr
Depth 15.2 mtr
Maximum draft 11.2 mtr
Propulsion AESA - Sulzer 7RND68
Power/B> 11,550 H.P.
Speed 15.5 knotss
Bought 1976 to
Owner / Name Marcosa / Marcoazul
Sold 1980 to
Owner / Name Marcosa / Marcoazul
Sold 1987 to
Owner / Name Naviera Resmar / Resmar
Sold 1992 to
Owner Olympicocean Shipping Ltd. / Chipre
Name Iguana
Scrapped Gadani Beach / 1998

Marcoazul by T. Diedrich

Monica Maria
Monica Maria - Collection J. Careaga
       She was hit by an Iraqi Exocet missile on 05/November/1985 at position 28º10N' / 51º00'E. She was declared a total loss and towed to Kaohsiung (Taiwan) to be scrapped. During the scrapping there was an explosion, in which 14 workers died.
Shipyard / Year ASTANO / 1977
Dead weight 300,068 MT
Gross register 151,225 GRT
Length 341.6 mtr
Breadth 53.7 mtr
Depth 28.7 mtr
Maximum draught 22.1 mtr
Propulsion Steam turbines Bazán-Kawasaki UA36
Power 36,000 H.P.
Speed 15.0 knots
Sold 1983 to
Owner Canaria Maritime Corp. - Piraeus
Name Canaria
Sold 1986 to
Owner Maastow BV
Name Canari
Scrapped Kaohsiung (Taiwan) / 1986

Aumabisa by F. Estrañi
       The barge Aumabisa was built in 1977 by ASTANDER for installing the crane removed from Ripon. This barge had 1,400 GRT; with 50.0 meters length; 21.5 breadth and 4.6 depth. It had three auxiliary engines with 440 V and 360 kVA.
Aumabisa by T. Diedrich
On 2/April/1977, leaving Santander bound to Bilbao.

Aerotaxi LETASA - Collection J. Careaga

With the contribution of Javier Careaga Basarrate, who compiled part of data

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