Urola - Collection C. Kleiss
At Nantes
        She was built in 1898 by Russell and Company for a Norwegian shipping company as Storfond. In 1920 she was acquired by Ricardo Ortiz de Artiñano and renamed Mercedes. She was the third Mercedes, having been the two previous short time in that company. In 1923 she was renamed Urola when she was bought by the Compañía Naviera Bidasoa, which in 1942 sold her to the Compañía Naviera Española, with which she retained her name.
        During the Civil War she was under control of the Republican Government being sunk at the end of 1938 at Valencia by a air raid of the national aviation. She was refloated in June of 1939 and returned to the merchant traffic until sinking close to Setúbal on 24/March/1955 after a collision with a Russian ship that managed to arrive at port. Fortunately the whole crew was saved.
        As reflected above she was the third Mercedes owned by Ricardo Ortiz de Artiñano. The first one was bought in 1916, having been built in 1870 and flagged in Spain in 1889 as Ana de Ramos, being since 1890 Cartagena and since 1913 Pedro Pi, she was sold in 1917 and renamed Izarra. The second was bought in 1918 and was sunk that same year by the German submarine U-91 near Pasajes. She was built in 1887 as Goldsbro and passed to Spanish flag in 1905, being renamed as Uriarte Nº5, and after being in 1916 Begoña Nº2 and that same year Patricio.
Shipyard / Year Russell and Company / 1898
Dead weight 5,930 MT
Gross register 3,675 GRT
Lenght 103.3 mtr
Breadth 13.9 mtr
Depth 5.4 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 1,505 H.P.
Bought 1942 to
Owner Compañía Naviera Bidasoa
Sunk 1955

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