Marasia's ensigh by A. Mantilla

La Rioja

La Rioja - Alejandro del Castillo Andújar
Alejandro del Castillo Andújar drew this nice drawing showing the vessel with the colours she left the shipyard.

La Rioja by T. Diedrich
This ship was built on 1953 by Empresa Nacional Bazán, in Cartagena, as La Rioja for Empresa Nacional Elcano, together with her sister ship La Mancha. In this photo her name was yet La Rioja and her home port Cartagena.

Made by J.J. Alcaraz
All her data consolidated by J.J. Alcaraz
Made by J.J. Alcaraz

La Rioja by J.M. Blanquez
When on 1964 was bought by Marasia she kept the name till 1976, when was renamed Antartico, with homeport Barcelona.
Her main specifications were:
Length: 108.3 mtr  -  Breadth: 14.8 mtr  -  Depth: 9.1 mtr  -  Maximum draft: 6.24 mtr
1,356 NRT  -   2,848 GRT  -   6,125 MT Displacement  -   3,530 MT Load  -   3,809 DWT
Propulsion: Diesel engine Werkspoor KMWS 606/110 - 2,325 HP - 6 Cylinders x 600 mm bore x 1,100 mm stroke
3 Auxiliary engines - 200 kW - 220 VDC
Consumption: 10 MT/day gasoil - Bunker capacity: 330 MT
Trials speed: 13.5 knots

La Rioja by R.Escolá
A closer view of the accomodation,
La Rioja by R.Escolá
the bridge with old equipment from the early 50's
La Rioja by R.Escolá
and the view from the bridge, but taken from the monkey island

La Rioja by J.M. Blanquez
During her many years with Marasia she was first trading to India/Pakistan/Bangladesh, loading mainly jute, but later was sailing in the regular lines. She carried out countless voyages to Africa, and many to South America West Coast.

La Rioja by Faustino Bodelón
The last to America was on 1978, and was the previous to the last one before being scrapped. On this photo, shot on 1973, is passing the Panamá Canal bound to the Pacific, what can be deducted because there were trucks in her load. Her small size allowed her to be together with other ship in the locks, as can be seen in this case.
La Rioja - Collection J.J. Alcaraz
These two photos were in other voyage in 1975
La Rioja - Collection J.J. Alcaraz

Antartico by X. Brugarolas
The Bridge was very simple, with the minimum equipment for those years. Can be seen the steering wheel, the compass case, the telegraph, and the acustic tubes to talk to the Engine or the Master.

Antartico por X. Brugarolas
On them are Añaterve Sánchez (Master), Xavier Brugarolas (Second Mate) checking the radar, and the A/B.

Antartico por X. Brugarolas

Antartico by J.J. Alcaraz
The Officers Mess Room had seats where in tropic areas was very hot, due not air condition on the ship. There were only some fans on the bulkheads, as can be seen on the next photo.
Antartico por X. Brugarolas
And many windows for trying to ventilate the vessel, that in port ought be with mosquito nettings, what combined with the lack of wind in port made the ship very hot. On this it seems not too hot, because the windows were closed. And might be the lunch before the watch 1200-1600, because only the Second Mate, Miguel Villarejo, and other person were eating.

Antartico by A. Mantilla
In this photo she is in Barcelona, at Muelle de San Beltrán. On the stern was the Cabo Santa Marta of Ybarra.

Antartico por X. Brugarolas
In this drydock the vessel was like a model. But the drydock was very short and all the poop was hanging in the air. The stern tube was old style, with the shaft turning on guayacan wood, and packing to avoid the sea water inlet.
Antartico por X. Brugarolas

Antartico - Collection J.B. Buades
Her last trip started at Huelva (Spain) on 9th March 1979 bound to Avilés (Spain) and the scrapyard. On 26 May 1979 started the scrap work at the facility of Desguaces y Salvamentos in San Juan de Nieva. This photo shows her there, high and dry, ready to be scrapped.

Caricature by J.A. Egea
This sketch, drawn by J.A. Egea, is an exaggerated but nice caricature of the ship. His arm is hanging from his cabin's window. The caricature was for several years in the Officers Day Room.

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