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Compañía Trasatlántica Española

Galeona by T. Diedrich
        The Galeona was the first of a four vessels serie, built in 1972, together with her sister ships Valvanuz, Roncesvalles and Belen. They had a very nice shape, and were lengthened at Astano (Ferrol) in 1981/82 to improve their container capacity. With this lengthening the vessels increased their speed.
Galeona - Photo supplied by J.C. Gonzalez
        The Galeona was built by Bazán in San Fernando, with the number 160. She was sold in 1988 and renamed Kammon. In the same year was renamed Jin Xiang. It seems that she continues sailing in China.
Galeona by B. Pedersen
        This photo was shot in the Mississippi on the middle 70s.

Valvanuz by T. Diedrich
        The Valvanuz was built also by Bazán in San Fernando with the number 161. She was sold in 1991 and renamed Diamond. In 1992 was renamed Diamond H..
        The serie main especifications were:
Length: 155.78 GRT: 4,910
Beam: 19.28 NRT: 2,854
Depth: 11.0 DWT: 9,513
Draft: 7.45 Containers: 143
Speed: 18
Valvanuz by F. Estrañi
        Checking this photo with the previous can be easily seen the lengthening.
        The main engine was a Sulzer 6RND68 with 9,900 HP. It had 6 cylinders with 680 mm bore and 1,250 stroke, being its maximum speed 150 rpm.

Belen by T. Diedrich
        The Belen was the last of the serie and was built by Bazán at Cartagena with the number 147. She was sold in 1987 and renamed Beleneverett, changing her name to Al Mohammed in 1990. She was scrapped in Chittagong in late 1996.

Roncesvalles by F. Estrañi
        The Roncesvalles was built also at Cartagena, with the number 146. She was sold in 1991 and renamed Sea Diamond, changing her name to Sea Diamond H. in 1992.

Almudena - Supplied by V. Martínez
        In 1982 the SECN delivered to the company two container ships, Almudena and Pilar. They were built at Matagorda (Cádiz). Their container capacity was 1,552. Their dead weight was 19,185 MT; their length 183.5 meters; their breath 27.0 metros and their depth 16.2. For the propulsion they had a diesel engine with 23,900 HP, that in sea trials gave them aroud 21 knots.
        They were trading in the lines to USA, but later were chartered to SeaLand. They were sold in 1989.

Covadonga by F. Estrañi

Covadonga by F. Estrañi

Guadalupe by F. Estrañi

Guadalupe by T. Diedrich

Guadalupe I
Guadalupe by F. Estrañi

CTE Magallanes
CTE Magallanes - Supplied by J.L. Castañeda
This vessel was chartered for some time

Marques de Comillas
Marques de Comillas by M. García
        The Marques de Comillas was for some time the only ship owned by Trasatlántica, tough was renamed Canarias in the year 2000. She had a sister ship called Fernando M Pereda, owned by Naviera del Odiel, both built by Barreras, at Vigo.
        Both were servicing the line Italy - peninsular Spain - Canary Islands.

Marques de Comillas - Supplied by J.L. Castañeda
This Trasatántica advertisment showed the new ship

Canarias by A. Mantilla
        In this photo is at Algeciras already named Canarias. She was built in 1998 at Vigo. Her length is 149.2 meters; her beam 23.0 and her maximum draft 8.5. Her dead weight is 14,035 MT. Her Burmeister & Wain engine gives her about 18 knots. She has capacity for 977 containers.

Canaria by A. Mantilla
        In April 2005 has been renamed Canaria, as can be seen in this photo taken also at Algeciras. She was bought, together with her sister ship, by a German shipping company.
        Both continued operated and crewed by Odiel-Trasatlántica, until two new vessels on building by Barreras (Vigo) were delivered to these last two shipping companies. Afterwards they were operated by the German company, this vessel being renamed as Manarias.

Ruiloba - Supplied by J.L. Castañeda
        The vessels built by Barreras to replace the Canarias and Fernando M. Pereda were delivered in 2007/2008. They have been christened as Ruiloba and CTE Beatriz. They are bigger than the previous. Their capacity is 1,267 containers, being their length 159.8 meters; her breadth 24.8 and her depth 14.0. Their dead weight is 18,091 MT. The speed is simailar, 18 knots, but changing the motor maker, that in their case is a Wartsila 9L46 with 14,150 HP.

        After Trasatlántica ceased its activities on 2009 these two vessels were bought by Grupo Boluda. The Ruiloba was renamed as Veronica B and the CTE Beatriz as Beatriz B.

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