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Cristina - Photo supplied by A. Asteinza
Cristina - Photo supplied by A. Asteinza
        On 3th June 1955, when arriving to Avilés, she grounded on Piedra Perdida. The damages were extensive and the boilers and engine rooms were flooded. She was refloated 16 days later and towed to the San Balandrán beach, where was grounded to avoid her sunking. Once the water leaks were provisionally repaired, what took 60 days , she was towed to Gijón to be repaired in drydock.
Dead Weigth 3,750 MT
Length 87.9 meters
Breadth 13.5 meters
Depth 6.2 meters
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Potencia 1,150 H.P.

Cristina by T. Diedrich

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