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Flag supplied by Aingeru Astui

Hermanos Varela

Llumeres by T. Diedrich

Shipyard / Year Soc. Metalúrgica Duro Felguera / 1944
Owner Sociedad Metalúrgica Duro Felguera
Name Llumeres
Owner / Year Hijos de Ángel Ojeda / 1946
Dead weight 320 MT
Gross register 275 GRT
Length 35.5 mtr
Breadth 8.0 mtr
Depth 3.0 mtr
Propulsion Semidiesel engine
Power 210 H.P.
Bought 1947 to
Owner Hijos de Ángel Ojeda / 1946
Name Llumeres
Owner / Year Hermanos Varela / 1967
Name Llumeres
Sold 1969 to
Owner Alberto M. Aizpurua Odriozola
Name Llumeres
Transformed Dredger in unknown date
Sunk Barcelona - March 1999

Llumeres by F. Estrañi

Llumeres - Collection J. Montoro
Marítimas - March 1999
Llumeres - Collection L. Santa Olaya
Berthed at Gijón

Sancho Panza
Sancho Panza by T. Diedrich

Shipyard/Year F. Montes / 1934
Dead weight 215 MT
Gross register 197 GRT
Length 30.6 mtr
Breadth 6.3 mtr
Depth 2.8 mtr
Propulsion Diesel engine
Power 160 H.P.
Bought 1957
Owner Grupo Suardíaz
Sold 1973
Owner Antonio García Barrones
Renamed Alfremar

Sancho Panza by T. Diedrich

Velazquez by T. Diedrich

Shipyard/Year Cantábrico / 1949
Dead Weight 234 MT
Gross register 245 GRT
Length 34.5 mtr
Breadth 6.5 mtr
Depth 2.7 mtr
Propulsion Diesel engine
Power 230 H.P.
Bought 1947
Owner Grupo Suardíaz
Sunk 1971

Velazquez by T. Diedrich

Velazquez - Collection M. Rodríguez Aguilar

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