Camprovin - Collection C. Kleiss
On this photo the Camprovin was anchored at the Dársena de Galdames (Sestao). In the background from left to right were: Cabo Tres Forcas, Cabo Menor, El Saturno, Monte Iciar, Monte Serantes, Apolo, Monte Teide y Motomar.

Shipyard / Year S.E.C.N. - Matagorda / 1954
Dead weight 2,385 MT
Gross register 2,031 GRT
Lenght 83.4 mtr
Breadth 12.4 mtr
Depth 5.9 mtr
Propulsion Naval - B&W 535VF62
Power 1,000 H.P.
Speed 10 knots
1980 - Converted to barge
Scrapped Barcelona - 1988

Monte Teide - Collection C. Kleiss
View from the opposite side. From left to right: El Saturno, Monte Iciar, Monte Serantes, Apolo and only showing a small part Monte Teide.
      The small tanker was the Campanilla. The ship at anchor, loading/discharging to barges, has been identified by Javier Careaga as Alheli, Liberty type ship that carried that name since 1961 to 1968. She was built in 1943 as Henry Dodge, being renamed since 1946 to 1961 as Giovanni Amendola. She sunk on 24/April/1968 in the Atlantic Ocean during a trip with fluorspar from Almería to Wilmington.
      The photo was shot between 1961 and 1963, because some of the ships in it were scrapped in 1963.

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