Lulio - Collection C. Kleiss
        She was in the center of the photo. As a very curious thing, she had the home port above her name. It is the only case that I have seen, it must have been to improve the aesthetic aspect since the name of the home port is so long and her name so short.
        She was commissioned by Isleña, Empresa Marítima a Vapor, to serve jointly with the Union the Palma de Mallorca - Barcelona - Marseille line. This did not prevent her from taking many other trips, such as some made to Puerto Rico or the Mediterranean, as well as excursions to the Balearic Islands. During the First World War, as the ships that usually were dedicated to it were dedicated to more profitable traffic, she was dedicated to transporting coal from the North of Spain ports so that her fleetmates could continue sailing. Perhaps the strangest job was the towing of the Sagunto frigate from Cartagena to Palma de Mallorca for scrapping.
        She was integrated in 1885 in Isleña Marítima and in 1918 in Trasmediterránea. The last years she sailed as a freighter because she no longer met the necessary conditions to continue transporting passengers. She was scrapped in 1935.
        By her stern was the pailboat Pilar, built in 1918 for J.M. Millet Vázquez and registered in Alicante. She had a gross register of 77 GRT, her length was 22.3 meters, the beam was 6.8 and the depth was 2.5. She was still included in the Lista Oficial de Buques of 1939. By her bow was the Ciudad de Ceuta.
Shipyard / Year John & William Dudgeon / 1870
Owner Isleña, Empresa Marítima a Vapor
Owner / Year Isleña Marítima, Cía. Mallorquina de Vapores / 1895
Name Lulio
Dead weight 626 MT
Gross register 669 GRT
Net register 406 NRT
Passengers 48
Depth 65.7 mtr
Breadth 8.3 mtr
Depth 5.0 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 650 H.P.
Bought 1918 a
Owner Isleña Marítima, Compañía Mallorquina de Vapores
Name Lulio
Scrapped Mahón - 1935

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