Musel - Collection C. Kleiss
        Berthed at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria are: the first on the left the Musel, and by her bow the Medina Tanya or Andres Rial. At the shipyard was one of the "Correíllos" of Trasmediterránea.
        She was built as trawler on 1898 as Stratherrick, being later Baleineau and Les Barges before bought and flagged in Spain on 1926 by Hijos de Ángel Ojeda, being then renamed Musel, name kept until sunk on 1978. The sinking was close to Punta de Gando, Gran Canaria.
        Meanwhile she was coverted to cargo ship on 1952, changing as well her reciprocating triple expansion machine by two diesel engines. She was sold on 1953 to Fruteros Españoles. On 1970 she was bought by Antonio Armas Curbelo.
Shipyard / Year Hall & Russell / 1898
Dead weight 250 MT
Gross register 224 GRT
Lenght 37.3 mtr
Breadth 6.5 mtr
Depth 3.5 mtr
Propulsion 2 diesel engines MWM
Power 350 H.P.
Bought 1970 to
Owner Fruteros Españoles
Sunk 05/01/1978 - Close to Punta de Gando

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