Okume - Collection C. Kleiss
Berthed at Cádiz
        This vessel was built in the Serie S of Empresa Nacional Elcano. The serie has two wood logs carriers, the Okume and Ukola. They were designed for transporting logs from the Spanish Guinea, with size that allowed them sailing up the rivers to load.
        They were built by Empresa Nacional Bazán at San Fernando (Cádiz) on 1955. Their propulsion was by reciprocating quadruple expansion machines recovered from the corvettes type Flower Calendula and Violet.
        Both were sold on 1973. The Okume to Covalma, and was scrapped on 1974 after a fire. The Ukola to Inversiones Industriales y Marítimas, that on 1976 sold her to a Panamanian shipping company. On 1977 she sunk in the Gulf ofde México with 20 dead.
Shipyard / Year Bazán - San Fernando / 1955
Dead weight 4,087 MT
Gross register 3,843 GRT
Net register 2,479 NRT
Lenght 108.0 mtr
Breadth 14.8 mtr
Depth 7.5 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating quadruple expansion
Power 1,595 H.P.
Speed 13 knots
Consumption 28.4 MT/day
Capacity F.O. 1,059 MT
Sold 1973 to
Owner Covalma
Scrapped 1974

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