Puerto de Denia - Collection C. Kleiss
One of these sister ships leaving Cartagena
        These three sister ships were built at Sevilla by Astilleros de la Empresa Nacional Elcano in 1956. Their original names were Astene Cuarto, Astene Sexto y Astene Quinto.
        The first was bought by Transportes Fruteros de Mediterráneo in 1961 and the other two in 1959, changing their names as indicated.
        The Puerto de Denia was sold in 1963 to Antonio Armas Curbelo and was wrecked on 25/February/1969 at the coast of the then Spanish Sahara, close to Cabo Bojador.
        The Puerto de Cullera was sold in 1965 to Transportes Marítimos Especiales and in 1969 to Armadores de Cabotaje. She was sunk close to Kenitra on 04/February/1979.
        The Puerto de Burriana was sold in 1963 to Antonio Armas Curbelo. She was scrapped at Motril in 1982.
Shipyard / Year E.N. Elcano - Sevilla / 1956
Dead weight 580 MT
Gross register 375 GRT
Lenght 50.4 mtr
Breadth 8.6 mtr
Depth 5.3 mtr
Propulsion MWM TRH435S
Power 550 H.P.
Wrecked 25/02/1969 -- Peña Grande - Sahara

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