Marasia's ensigh by A. Mantilla

Chartered vessels

Marasia chartered many vessels during its life, the most of them for short time or one single trip. The most remarkable case was two ships chartered for several years, Vega and Auriga, both showing the Marasia's ensign on their funnels. Both had Yugoslavian owner and crew.

Vega by T. Diedrich
This ship was built on 1954 in AG Weser Seebeckwerft, Bremerhaven (Germany), as Aries. In 1967 changed her name to Vega, and her flag to Panama. On 18/October/1979 she grounded on Cape Faro, in Messina Strait, and was stranded there.
Her main specifications were:
Length: 108.2 mtr      Beam: 14.6 mtr      Depth: 9.1 mtr     Maximum draft: 6.1 mtr
1,270 NRT       2,232 GRT      4,257 DWT
Propulsion: 2 Diesel engines coupled to one gear box and one tail shaft with total 1,660 HP
Each engine had 7 Cilynders - 400 mm bore - 600 mm stroke
3 Auxiliary engines - 125 kW - 230 VDC
Bunker capacity: 502 MT
Speed: 13 knots
Vega by T. Diedrich

Auriga by F. Estraņi
She was built on 1956 in AG Weser Seebeckwerft, Bremerhaven (Germany), as Isolde. In 1970 changed her name to Auriga, and her flag to Liberia.
Her main specifications were:
Length: 115.3 mtr      Beam: 15.8 mtr .     Depth: 9.3 mtr     Maximum draft: 7.6 mtr
1,737 NRT      3,355 GRT      7,003 MT Displacement      4,639 MT Load      5,491 DWT
Propulsion: 2 Diesel engines coupled to one gear box and one tail shaft with total 3,060 HP.
Each engine had 8 Cilynders - 385 mm bore - 580 mm stroke
3 Auxiliary engines - 150 kW - 230 VDC
Bunker capacity: 366 MT
Speed: 13,5 knots

Ondarroa by T. Diedrich
There were also many Spanish vessels chartered by Marasia, but for shorter periods than the above. There is a ship which deserves special attention, the Ondarroa owned by Naviera Vizcaína, sank in Bangladesh whilst on charter to Marasia during the war against Pakistan to get the independence.

Alonso de Ojeda
Alonso de Ojeda by T. Diedrich
Another remarkable vessel was the Alonso de Ojeda, ordered by Elcano as same time as Pedro de Alvarado, because she was her sister ship, but as motorship school vessel, built at Cádiz instead Cartagena. She was chartered to Marasia for some time.
Her propulsion had 4 diesel engines MAN G8 VU, with 8 cilynders each, with 450 mm diameter x 900 mm stroke, geared to two shafts, with 8,000 HP all together. She got 16.5 knots in trials. Her bunker capacity was 711 MT.

Juan Claudio
Juan Claudio by T. Diedrich
Maybe the Spanish vessels chartered for the longest time were Juan Claudio and Ramiro Perez, owned by Naviera Asón of Santander. They were chartered for one year, trading to America and Africa.
Ramiro Perez
Ramiro Perez by T. Diedrich

Kretan Glory
Kretan Glory by T. Diedrich
Although I don't know how long this Greek vessel was chartered for some time, because on the funnel can be seen that is painted with the Marasia's colours.
Kretan Glory by F. Estraņi
The photos were shot at Santander on 28 June and 8 July of 1978.

Pacifico by T. Diedrich
This German vessel was also chartered for some time. These photos showed her in 1970, when she was several times at Santander. Few years later, in 1972, Marasia bought the Pedro de Alvarado that was renamed Pacifico.
Pacifico por F. Estraņi

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