Ciudad de Ceuta - Collection C. Kleiss
At Ceuta. Behind her was the Santiago Lopez, followed by Monte Serantes, an unidentified one, and the last Mar Tirreno.
        She was built at Valencia by the Unión Naval de Levante as General Sanjurjo, but only three years later it was changed to Ciudad de Ceuta when the republic was established in 1931.         At the beginning of the Civil War, she remained on the national side and was used as an auxiliary cruiser, participating in traffic control in the southern part of the peninsula, as well as in the transport of troops from the north to Africa. Once the war was over, she continued to sail on several lines until she was sold in 1976 to the Asociación Vizcaína de Capitanes de la Marina Mercante, which renamed her Consulado de Bilbao, making her its headquarters, being docked in Bilbao downtown. Unfortunately, the intense rains of August 1983, which produced a great flood, freed het from her moorings and sinking. It was impossible to recover her, being scrapped.
Shipyard / Year Unión Naval de Levante / 1928
First name General Sanjurjo
Name 1931 Ciudad de Ceuta
Dead weight 238 MT
Gross register 1,045 GRT
Passengers 135
Lenght 61.9 mtr
Breadth 9.7 mtr
Depth 5.2 mtr
Propulsion 2 x Krupp 4SA6C460/630
Power 1,600 C.V.
Speed 14 knots
Vendido 1976 a
Owner Asoc. Vizcaína de Capitanes de la M.M.
Owner Consulado de Bilbao
Wrecked 26/08/1983 - Bilbao

Ciudad de Ceuta - Collection C. Kleiss
At Ceuta. The bigger vessel on the background was the Motomar, that until 1932 was the Cabo Tortosa of Ybarra.

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