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      On this photograph is one of the "Valerianos" at Gijón, but unable to determine which of them. With this name were known thirteen ships having been designed by the naval architect Valeriano González Puertas, that were built in three different Gijón's shipyards.

General specificacions
Dead weight Around 525 MT
Gross register Close to 400 GRT
Lenght 48.9 meters
Breadth 8.0 meters
Depth 3.4 meters
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
When they were built the boilers consumed coal. Later some, possibly all, were modified to burn fuel oil.

      The full list is shown below, broken down by shipyard, year of construction and end, and the reason for this. Some of these ships has a very long life, but one was lost before being operational. It was the case of Pedro de Igual, which ran aground when she was being towed from Gijón to Santander for putting on the machine there. These machines were built in Santander by the Viuda de Martín Martín workshop.
Astilleros José Fernández Montes
Aries 1946 Sunk 1977
Leo 1947 Scrapped ¿1987?
Ana Rosa 1948 Sunk 1980
Borja 1949 Scrapped 1973
Pedro de Igual 1950 Grounded and lost 1950
Duque del Infantado 1951 Scrapped 1979
Astilleros Gervasio Riera
Tercio San Miguel 1946 Grounded and scrapped 1978
Tercio Montejurra 1947 Sunk 1987
Oro 1947 Grounded and lost 1957
Mina Mary 1948 Sunk 1961
Plata 1948 Abandoned at Nouadhibou 1987
Juliana Constructora Gijonesa
Jose Pumariño 1947 Sunk 1955
Manuel Salvadores 1948 Scrapped 1997

Some of them changed their name. Even one carried the name left free by one sister ship that had changed her name earlier.
In the following list can be seen the new names and the year of change.
Tercio Montejurra 1969 Ligia Romero
Plata 1981 Belata
Jose Pumariño 1948 Micaela
Manuel Salvadores 1952 Jose Pumariño 1961 Artrama

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