Vasco - Collection C. Kleiss
        At Santa Cruz de Tenerife. She was the first on the left, behind her was the Ciudad de Salamanca. Berthed to the exterior pier was in first place the Franca C, followed by the Alfonso, of whom only half ship is seen.
        She was built in 1926 at Glasgow (United Kingdom). The cylinders of her reciprocating triple-expansion machine had 418, 685 and 1117 mm of diameter, being the stroke 762 mm, and gave her about 9 knots. The consumption was about 13 MT of coal per day, with her bunkers having a capacity of 328 MT. She was registered in Cádiz with the number 2 of the Lista Primera.
        She began her life in Naviera Pinillos transporting general cargo and fruit but later she was dedicated to the transport of bulk in cabotage and great cabotage.
        During the Civil War she was seized by the Republican Government, which operated her through one of the companies that had established in London, the Mid-Atlantic Shipping Company Limited, being renamed Garbi. She was destined to the transport of coal until being seized by the Dutch government, that retained her until returning to Naviera Pinillos at the end of the war.
        In 1966 she was sold to José de Guezuraga and Urizar, continuingd with the transport of coal until scrapped in 1969.
Shipyard / Year Duncan - Glasgow / 1926
Dead Weight 1,970 MT
Gross Register 1,193 GRT
Lenght 67.6 mtr
Breadth 10.6 mtr
Depth 4.8 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 800 H.P.
Sold 1966 to
Owner José de Guezuraga y Urizar
Scrapped 1969

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