Urumea - Collection C. Kleiss
        At Águilas, with the stern made fast to the pier and anchored with the two anchors for keeping her in place. Besides the vessel it is also interesting to see how was the town in those years.
        She was built on 1913 by John Blumer as Fairhaven. On 1919 she was bought by R. Mendiguren - A. Zabala, passing to Spanish flag and being renamed San Salvador. On 1927 she was bought by Companía Naviera Guipuzcoana that renamed her as Urumea, name kept until scrapped. She was sold on 1958 to Isleña Marítima, which on 1965 sold her to Compañía Valenciana de Navegación. She was scrapped on 1967.
Shipyard / Year John Blumer / 1913
Dead weight 5,420 MT
Gross register 3,250 GRT
Lenght 101.0 mtr
Breadth 14.5 mtr
Depth 6.8 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 1,625 H.P.
Bought 1927 a
Owner R. Mendiguren - A. Zabala
Sold 1958 a
Owner Isleña Marítima
Scrapped 1967

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