Funnel by Aingeru Astui

Flag by Aingeru Astui


Gerona - Collection J.C. Díaz Lorenzo
On the upper photo, showing her original look, she was is in the WWII with the flags painted on the sides and the name on the bridge.
Telena - Colección de of J. Careaga
Built in 1922 as Telena, name displayed on this photo.
Gerona by A. Mantilla
On this photo can be observed the change of look after modified in 1959.
Shipyard / Year New Waterway / 1927
Dead weight 10,529 MT
Gross register 7,406 GRT
Lenght 135.4 mtr
Breadth 18.1 mtr
Depth 10.0 mtr
Propulsion 1927 Werkspoor 6 cylinder-double effect
Power 3,500 H.P.
Speed 12.5 knots
Propulsion 1957 Burmeister&Wain 762VTF115
Power 4,200 H.P.
Bought 1942 to
Owner Anglo Saxon Pretoleum
Name Telena
Scrapped Barcelona / 1975

Gerona por T. Diedrich

Zaragoza - Collection T. Diedrich

Shipyard / Year G. Ansaldo / 1922
Dead weight 8,730 MT
Gross register 6,351 GRT
Lenght 119.8 mtr
Breadth 15.7 mtr
Depth 8.6 mtr
Propulsion 3 turbines Ansaldo
Power 2,300 H.P.
Bought 1941 to
Owner Polena Societá di Navigazione
Name Pagao
In service 1944
Scrapped Castellón / 1960

Zaragoza - Collection J.C. Díaz Lorenzo

In October 1943 there was a report Pagao in the magazine Revista de Ingeniería Naval explaining her refloating.

Bailen by T. Diedrich

Shipyard / Year S.E.C.N. - Matagorda / 1947
Dead weight 10,705 MT
Gross register 8,472 GRT
Lenght 148.6 mtr
Breadth 18.9 mtr
Depth 10.5 mtr
Propulsion 2 x Naval - Burmeister & Wain 663TF130
Power 5,780 H.P.
Speed 13 knots
Scrapped 1973

Bruch by T. Diedrich
Built in 1944 in the Unites States, belonging to the serie T1-M-A1 as Quastinet. When bought by CEPSA was renamed Seagull, and when registered in Spain Bruch.
Bruch - Collection J.C. Díaz Lorenzo

Shipyard / Year East Coast Sea Ind. / 1944
Dead weight 1,350 MT
Gross register 1,177 GRT
Lenght 70.0 mtr
Breadth 11.5 mtr
Depth 4.4 mtr
Propulsion Fairbanks Morse 37E16
Power 720 H.P.
Speed 10 knots
Bought 1947
Sold 1983
Scrapped 1987

Bruch - Collection J.C. Díaz Lorenzo

Arapiles - Collection T. Diedrich
In this vessel was sailing José Ramón Muñoz de Bustillo when she was the Gerez.
Shipyard / Year A.C.S.E.C. Dundee / 1931
Dead weight 12,500 MT
Gross register 8,368 GRT
Lenght 142.2 mtr
Breadth 18.1 mtr
Depth 10.9 mtr
Propulsion 2 x Diesel engines
Power 3,950 H.P.
Bought 1953
Scrapped 1971

Ciudad Rodrigo
Ciudad Rodrigo - Collection T. Diedrich
          She was built in Sweden for a Swedish owner and was sold later to Portuguese owners. In 1952 she was bought by CEPSA and renamed Ciudad Rodrigo. She was dedicated for long time to bunkering. She was sold in 1984 and scrapped in Seville three years later.
Ciudad Rodrigo - Collection M. Rodríguez Aguilar
She was previously Aire, and when bought she kept for short time the black hull but soon was painted with the CEPSA grey color.
Shipyard / Year Orensudsvarvet / 1940
Name Glomdal
Name / Year Aire / 1945
Dead weight 5,730 MT
Gross register 3,942 GRT
Lenght 112.1 mtr
Breadth 14.5 mtr
Depth 6.8 mtr
Propulsion Sulzer 5TD48
Power 1,500 H.P.
Speed 10 knots
Bought 1952 to
Owner Soponata
Name Aire
Sold 1983 to
Owner Somaped
Name Acuario Diez
Scrapped 1987

Ciudad Rodrigo - Collection J.C. Díaz Lorenzo
In this photo she is with the bunkering equipment, because in her last years was dedicated to bunkering

Vitoria - Collection T. Diedrich

Shipyard / Year Kaldnes MV - Tondsberg / 1955
Flag Liberia
Dead weight 18,916 MT
Gross register 11,644 GRT
Lenght 168.4 mtr
Breadth 21.4 mtr
Depth 11.0 mtr
Propulsion Diesel engine
Speed 14 knots
Bought 1955
Scrapped 1977

Albuera by T. Diedrich

Shipyard / Year S.E.C.N. Matagorda / 1956
Dead weight 19,308 MT
Gross register 13,056 GRT
Lenght 172.5 mtr
Breadth 21.6 mtr
Depth 11.9 mtr
Propulsion Burmeister & Wain 874VTF160
Power 7,380 H.P.
Speed 16 knots
Sold 1979
Scrapped 1983

Albuera - Collection J.C. Díaz Lorenzo

Monteleon by T. Diedrich
          Built in 1900 in the United Kingdom as Tiflis for the Compañía Vasco Valenciana de Navegación. From 1932 to 1957 was owned by CAMPSA and named Campestre. She was scrapped at Avilés in 1966
Shipyard / Year Armstrong Whitworth & Co. / 1900
Dead weight 4,443 MT
Gross register 3,030 GRT
Lenght 93.0 mtr
Breadth 12.2 mtr
Depth 7.7 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 1,400 H.P.

Monteleon - Collection M. Rodríguez Aguilar

Astorga by T. Diedrich

Shipyard / Year Astilleros de Cádiz / 1960
Dead weight 19,308 MT
Gross register 12,932 GRT
Lenght 172.5 mtr
Breadth 21.6 mtr
Depth 11.9 mtr
Propulsion Götaverken DM760/1.300 VG
Power 7,300 H.P.
Speed 14 knots
Sold 1979
Scrapped 1983

Astorga - Collection J.C. Díaz Lorenzo

With the contribution of Javier Careaga Basarrate, who compiled part of data

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