Villablanca - Collection C. Kleiss
At Santander, in the Astilleros Corcho drydock.
          This vessel was built by the Elcano shipyard at Seville, together with three sister ships. This one received the construction name of Astene 94, that became Bretagne when all them were bought by Fred Olsen. When this shipowner refused to take charge of them due delay in the construction they were layed up after finished. When an agreement was reached on 1967 with Castańer and Ortiz this shipping company took care of them under charter, not passing to their property until 1973. This was renamed Villablanca, being scrapped on 1986.
          The other three received the construction names of Astene 95, Astene 96 and Astene 97, which Fred Olsen called Bastant, Brisk and Brilliant; and that were renamed definitively as Villaverde, Villafria and Villafranca respectively. All of them were chartered to Cofruna and Pinillos until 1974, when they were dedicated to the lines between the Peninsula and the Canary Islands.

Shipyard / Year E.N. Elcano - Sevilla / 1966
Dead weight 2,322 MT
Gross register 2,334 GRT
Lenght 83.3 mtr
Breadth 14.0 mtr
Depth 10.0 mtr
Propulsion Elcano - Götaverken 520/900VGS/5
Power 2,500 H.P.
Chartered 1967
Bought 1973
Owner Empresa Nacional Elcano
Scrapped Sevilla - 1987

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