Ciudad de Cadiz - Collection C. Kleiss

        Here the Ciudad de Cadiz was in the foreground, at Nuevo Vulcano (Barcelona), after her was the Rey Jaime I followed by the Satrustegui or Virginia de Churruca, both belonging to the serie D of Elcano.
        Thanks to Javier Careaga has been identified the Bruch, that was between the Ciudad de Cadiz and the Rey Jaime I; determined that the vessel owned by CAMPSA, that was after the Satrustegui and Virginia de Churruca was the Campomanes, Campuzano, Campas, Campeche or Campero; and that the ship with green hull that was in the next basin was the Rita Garcia. In the contiguos dock was the Rio Tambre.
Shipyard / Year Unión Naval de Levante / 1951
Dead weight 4,410 MT
Gross register 6,514 GRT
Passengers 440=111(1ª)+56(2ª)+40(3ª)+233(Holds)
Lenght 121.2 mtr
Breadth 16.8 mtr
Depth 11.3 mtr
Propulsion 2 x Burmeister & Wain 762VF115
Power 7,000 H.P.
Auxiliary engines 3 x MTM625 x 180 Kw 220 V DC
Emergency engine 28 Kw
Scrapped Barcelona - 1979

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