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Ybarra y Cía

Canguro Cabo San Sebastian
Canguro Cabo San Sebastian - Photo library of T. Diedrich

Canguro class vessel - Photo supplied by J.C. Gonzalez
Canguro class vessel

Common specifications:
Dead Weight 2,649 MT
Gross register 7,535 GRT
Length 138.3 mtr
Breadth 20.55 mtr
Depth 13.72 mtr
Propulsion 2 x Bazan-MAN V16V40/54
Power 17,800 H.P.
Speed 22,5 knots
Passengers 1000

Canguro Cabo San Jorge
Canguro Cabo San Jorge - Ybarra's postal card
Built by Union Naval de Levante in Valencia, she was the second of a serie, being the first the Canguro Cabo San Sebastian. The rest of the serie was ordered by Trasmediterránea.
These two vessels were also bought on 1981 by Trasmediterránea, as well as the third yet o building. Her name would be Cabo San Martin but was Ciudad de Badajoz.

Canguro Cabo San Jorge - Photo library of M. Rodríguez Aguilar
When owned by Ybarra they sailed in the lines Barcelona-Genova and Barcelona-Palma de Mallorca.

Balboa by T. Diedrich

Bastidas por T. Diedrich

Por J. Del Fante
In this interesting photo shot at Rio de Janeiro can be seen the trucks with the ships's cargo.

Bayano by T. Diedrich

Bayano por F. Estrañi

Por J. Del Fante
This photo shows the Muelle de San Beltrán, at Barcelona. In the tall building that can be seen in the background Ybarra had its office, in the top floors.
Por J. Del Fante
This was taken at sunrise at Maceio (Brasil).

San Antonio
Cap San Antonio by T. Diedrich

San Diego
Cap San Diego by T. Diedrich

Cap San Diego - Museo de Hamburgo
        The Cap San Diego was converted in 1986 to museum, keeping the machinery in operating condition. Although usually is berthed at Hamburg is carrying short trips several times each year. She shows a very nice look because she is very well maintained.
Cap San Diego - Museo de Hamburgo

Cabo Santa Isabel
Cabo Santa Isabel by T. Diedrich
She was, together with the Cabo Santa Ines, the last vessel in this old shipping company.

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