Spanish shipping companies M - P

Magín Ferrer

Marítima Madrileña

La Marítima, Compañía Mahonesa de Vapores

Naviera Mallorquina

Compañía Naviera de La Mancha

Compañía Naviera Marasia, S.A.  The better known by me because I was 10 years sailing in its ships.


Marflet - Fletamentos Marítimos

Marítima de Cementos y Graneles

Marítima del Norte

Antonio Menchaca

Minas de Cartes

Naviera Miño

Compañía Montañesa de Navegación

Naviera Montañesa  Owned by Grupo Pereda.

José Agustín Mutiozábal Mendieta

Naviera del Nalón

Compañía Anónima de Navegación

Compañía Marítima del Nervión, S.A.   Other old shipping company that was closed down on the '80s.

Nicomedes García

Naviera Oceánica

Naviera del Odiel  Owned by the Grupo Pereda

Nueva Naviera

Off Shore España

Hijos de A. Ojeda

Fred Olsen

Naviera Luis de Otero

La Papelera Española

Naviera Pasai


Naviera Peninsular

Grupo Pereda   This group, radicated in Santander, included many companies managing all type of vessels.

Fernando Pereda Aparicio  Owned by the Grupo Pereda

Grupo Pérez  This group, radicated also in Santander, had several shipping companies, all of them with general cargo ships, some of them specialized as fruit carriers.

Vapores de Angel Pérez  The first shipping company of Grupo Pérez.

Petronor  Dedicated only to tankers.

Naviera Pinillos, S.A.  One of the oldest shipping companies, integrated nowdays in the Grupo Boluda.


Compañía Marítima Ponte Naya

Naviera Prego

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