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Flag by Aingeru Astui                 Flag supplied by Aingeru Astui

Compañía Vasco Cantábrica de Navegación

Fleet evolution
Fleet evolution by A. Mantilla

Uribitarte - Collection C. Kleiss

Shipyard / Year Raylton Dixon & Co. / 1888
Name Fulford
Owner / Year Eduardo Aznar Tutor / 1895
Name Uribitarte
Dead weight 2,460 MT
Gross register 1,722 GRT
Lenght 78.3 metros
Breadth 11.0 metros
Depth 5.0 metros
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 1,164 C.V.
Bought 1899 to
Owner Eduardo Aznar Tutor
Name Uribitarte
Sunk 02/12/1916 by submarine UC-21

Antonia by R. Sampol Isern
        Built in 1874 as Blyth, in 1885 was bought and registered in Spain by Luis Calisalvo, who renamed her as Ardanaz. Trasatlántica bought her in 1891, keeping her name, and sold her in 1897 to Casaseca y Terre. In 1898 was bought by Compañía Vasco Cantábrica de Navegación and named Olaveaga, but only three years later she was sold to Compañía Naviera La Blanca, and renamed Gomecha. In 1905 was bought by Guillermo Goñalons, who renamed her as Antonia, that was her name until scrapped in 1928. Before she was sold to Ferrer Peset in 1914, being transfered in 1917 to Trasmediterránea.
Shipyard / Year J.Blumer & Co. / 1874
Name Blyth
Owner / Year Luis Calisalvo / 1885
Name Ardanaz
Owner / Year Cía. Trasatlántica / 1891
Name Ardanaz
Owner / Year Casaseca y Terre / 1897
Name Ardanaz
Owner / Year Eduardo Aznar Tutor / 1898
Name Olaveaga
Dead weight 1,177 MT
Gross register 786 GRT
Lenght 61.1 metros
Breadth 8.6 metros
Depth 5.4 metros
Propulsion Alternativa compound
Power 390 C.V.
Bought 1899 to
Owner Eduardo Aznar Tutor
Name Olaveaga
Sold 1901 to
Owner Cía. Naviera La Blanca
Name Gomecha
Owner / Year Guillermo Goñalons / 1907
Name Antonia
Owner / Year Ferrer Peset Hnos. / 1916
Name Antonia
Owner / Year Cía. Trasmediterránea / 1917
Name Antonia
Scrapped Mahón - 1928

Shipyard / Year Smiths Limited / 1889
Dead weight 1,540 MT
Gross register 1,105 GRT
Length 68.6 mtr
Breadth 9.9 mtr
Depth 4.7 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating compound
Power 650 H.P.
Bought 1899 to
Owner Eeles and Dryden
Name Stanwick
Sunk 15/04/2015 - Close to Llanes

Pedrosa - Collection L. Santa Olaya

Shipyard / Year Joseph L. Thompson / 1873
Owner J. Marychurch & Co.
Name G.E. Wood
Owner / Year Eduardo Aznar Tutor / 1899
Name Luchana
Dead weight 1,660 MT
Gross register 1,059 GRT
Lenght 67.4 metros
Breadth 9.3 metros
Depth 5.1 metros
Propulsion Alternativa compound
Power 760 C.V.
Bought 1902 to
Owner Eduardo Aznar Tutor
Name Luchana
Sold 1905 to
Owner Crookston Bros.
Name G.E. Wood
Scrapped Túnez - 1905

Shipyard / Year Grangemouth Dockyard / 1889
Name Godolphin
Owner / Year W. Lamplough & Co. / 1889
Owner / Year Shipping & General Property Co. / 1891
Owner / Year Bilton, Williams & Co. / 1894
Owner / Year Cons. di Nav. a Vapore Ragusea / 1895
Owner / Year T. Cossovich & Co. / 1898
Dead weight 2,340 MT
Gross register 1,531 GRT
Length 76.2 mtr
Breadth 10.7 mtr
Depth 5.4 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 915 H.P.
Bought 1899 to
Owner T. Cossovich & Co.
Name Godolphin
Sold 1920 to
Owner Naviera Fierros
Name Alfonso Fierro
Wrecked: 18/10/1933 - Close to Cabo Toriñana

Mouro - Collection C. Kleiss
        She was built in 1916 by Euskalduna. In 1929 she was sold to Ybarra y Cía. and renamed Cabo Quintres. On 5/March/1953 she grounded close to Bilbao due to the fog. Although two tugboats arrived soon it was not possible getting her free, and at same time the engine room and holds were flooded. All the crew was taken to shore.
Shipyard / Year Euskalduna / 1916
Dead weight 4,193 MT
Gross register 2,905 GRT
Length 97.2 mtr
Breadth 13.5 mtr
Depth 7.5 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 1,500 H.P.
Sold 1929 to
Owner Ybarra y Cía.
Name Cabo Quintres
Wrecked 05/05/1953 - Close to Cabo Billano

Luchana - Colección de C. Kleiss
At Cardiff
      She was built in 1908 in the United Kingdom as Tuscany, and bought in 1914 by Compañía de Navegación Olazarri being renamed Oquendo, name kept when bought in 1918 by Compañía Naviera La Blanca. In 1921 she was bought by the Compañía Vasco Cantábrica de Navegación and renamed Luchana. In 1939 she was sold to Compañía Marítima del Nervión changing again her name, in this case to Mar Tirreno. In 1955 she was sold to Transportes Petrolíferos, being renamed Muni. Finally she was scrapped in 1963 at Castellón.
Shipyard / Year Irvine / 1908
Name Tuscany
Owner / Year Cía. de Navegación Olazarri / 1914
Name Oquendo
Owner / Year Compañía Naviera La Blanca / 1918
Name Oquendo
Dead weight 5,327 MT
Gross register 3,086 GRT
Lenght 99.1 mtr
Breadth 14.3 mtr
Depth 4.2 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 1,148 H.P.
Speed 10 knots
Bought 1921 to
Owner Compañía Naviera La Blanca
Name Oquendo
Sold 1939 to
Owner Compañía Marítima del Nervión
Name Mar Tirreno
Sold 1955 to
Owner Transportes Petrolíferos
Name Muni
Scrapped Castellón - 1963

Sendeja por T. Diedrich
After other owners she was bought in 1953 by Pedro Menéndez Álvarez and incorporated to Compañía Marítima Ponte Naya, keeping the previous name of Sendeja.
Shipyard / Year William Harkes and Son / 1921
Dead weight 4,505 MT
Gross register 2,662 GRT
Length 92.9 mtr
Breadth 12.2 mtr
Depth 7.1 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 1,400 H.P.
Sold 1931 to
Owner Compañía Marítima Bilbao
Name Sendeja
Sold 1933 to
Owner José Agustín Mutiozábal Mendieta
Name Sendeja
Sold 1941 to
Name Sendeja
Sold 1952 to
Owner Pedro Menéndez Alvarez
Name Sendeja
Scrapped Gijón / 1967

Sendeja - Collection J. Careaga

Pedrosa - Colección de P. Blanco
With her original look, yet with the name Pedrosa

Uribitarte - Collection C. Kleiss
At Cardiff, passing through Queens Dock.
        She was built by J.Burntisland for the Compañía Vasco Cantábrica de Navegación with the name of Uribitarte, which kept all her life. In 1933 she was sold to Antonio Menchaca, who was therefore its owner when at the beginning of the Civil War was berthed at Genoa (Italy), being seized by the Italian Government and trading thereafter with Italian flag and the name of Cosenza until being returned to her owner in 1938. She was scrapped in 1972.
Shipyard / Year J. Burntisland / 1922
Dead weight 6,120 MT
Gross register 3,503 GRT
Length 101.0 mtr
Breadth 14.8 mtr
Depth 8.3 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 1,244 H.P.
Sold 1933 to
Owner Antonio Menchaca
Name Uribitarte
Scrapped Bilbao - 1972

Uribitarte - Collection C. Kleiss
At Motril
Uribitarte - Collection C. Kleiss

Uribitarte por T. Diedrich

Uribitarte por T. Diedrich

Sardinero - Collection C. Kleiss
Sold in 1933 to Federico González Fierro and renamed Ita
Shipyard / Year Aktie Geschaft Neptun / 1902
Owner Dampfs Reederei Horn AG
Name Eriphia
Owner / Year Spanish Government / 1918
Name España Nº 1
Dead weight 3,733 MT
Gross register 2,562 GRT
Lenght 93.0 mtr
Breadth 12.6 mtr
Depth 5.4 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 765 C.V.
Speed 9 nudos
Incorporated 1923 from
Owner Spanish Government
Name España Nº 1
Sold 1933 to
Owner Federico González Fierro
Name Ita
Scrapped Málaga - 1977

Sardinero - Collection C. Kleiss
This photo was shot at Barcelona. On the background was the Buenos Aires, owned by Trasatlántica.

Rio Jiloca
Rio Jiloca by T. Diedrich
She was seized during the Civil War by the auxiliary cruiser V. Puchol due she was smuggling war equipment.
Shipyard / Year Rodger and Co. / 1899
Owner William Robertson
Name Citrine
Name / Year Avontown / 1915
Name / Year Pomaron / 1931
Owner / Year Gerencia de Buques Mercantes / 1938
Name Castillo Butron
Owner / Year Empresa Nacional Elcano / 1942
Nombre Castillo Butron
Dead weight 2,625 MT
Gross register 1,743 GRT
Length 79.2 mtr
Breadth 11.4 mtr
Depth 5.1 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 668 H.P.
Bought 1963
Bought 1957 to
Owner Empresa Nacional Elcano
Name Castillo Butron
Sold 1963 to
Owner Marcosa
Name Rio Jiloca
Scrapped Santander - 1965

Rio Jiloca - Os naufraxios da Galicia Norte

Rio Jiloca by T. Diedrich

Rio Jiloca by T. Diedrich

Coroña by T. Diedrich
She was bought in 1964 to Naviera Aznar, where was named Monte Coroña.
Shipyard / Year Euskalduna / 1922
Owner Sota y Aznar
Name Araitz-Mendi
Owner / Year Naviera Aznar / 1939
Name Monte Coroña
Dead weight 4,202 MT
Gross register 2,572 GRT
Length 95.0 mtr
Breadth 13.4 mtr
Depth 6.9 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 1,134 H.P.
Speed 9 knots
Bought 1964 to
Owner Naviera Aznar
Name Monte Coroña
Scrapped Santander - 1971

Frimar by T. Diedrich

Shipyard / Year Unión Naval de Levante / 1966
Dead weight 2,378 MT
Gross register 1,661 GRT
Length 87.0 mtr
Breadth 13.9 mtr
Depth 8.1 mtr
Propulsion Burmeister & Wain 642 - VT2BF - 90
Power 3,300 H.P.
Speed 14 knots
Sold 1972 to
Owner Empresa de Navegación Mambisa
Name Frimaro
Scrapped 2016

Frimar by T. Diedrich

Frimar by F. Estrañi

Frimaro - Shipspotting
Nice photo, already as Frimaro.

Elvira C
Gulf Atlantic - Shipspotting
As Gulf Atlantic
Shipyard / Year AESA - Sestao / 1977
Dead weight 132,748 MT
Gross register 70,474 GRT
Lenght 276.5 mtr
Breadth 40.1 mtr
Depth 22.3 mtr
Propulsion Burmeister & Wain 8K90GF
Power 27,300 C.V.
Speed 15 nudos
Sold 1981 to
Owner Marflet
Name Elvira C
Name / Year Stena Pacifica / 1984
Name / Year Eleonora M. / 1985
Name / Year Stena Pacifica / 1987
Name / Year Gulf Atlantic / 1988
Name / Year Sunrise I / 1992
Name / Year Saraband / 1993
Name / Year Michael / 1997
Scrapped Chittangong (Bangladesh) - 2000

With the contribution of Javier Careaga Basarrate, who supplied the engines data.

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