The following ships have not been identified. I will be grateful to anyone who knows any name or data if sending me an email, both in case of totally sure or probable identification.

Unknown vessel-Cabo Palos - Collection C. Kleiss
Coaster at Cabo de Palos. Javier Careaga found out that she was the Merche owned by Naviera Chacartegui    

Unknown vessels Málaga - Collection C. Kleiss
Málaga. The only ship identified is the Arturo Serena, far right, with only the stern seen..

Unknown vessel-Puerto de Santa Maria - Collection C. Kleiss
Puerto de Santa Marí
Built: 1959 by Juan M. Tedín at A Telleira (La Coruña) - Wooden hull - 267 TM DW - 221 GRT - 131 NRT - Length: 31,0 mtr - Breadth: 7,3 mtr - Depth: 3,4 mtr - Semi-diesel engine - 180 H.P. - 8 knots

Unknown vessel Santander - Collection C. Kleiss

Desconocidos Axpe - Colección de C. Kleiss
Río Nervión - Axpe.
         The CAMPSA tanker berthed at other side was the Campoamor. The two identified by Paco Bolado were the hoppers Cadagua, Asua or Gobela, part of the Bilbao dredging equipment. The identified by Javier Careaga were, those of the upper arrow: 100 MT floating crane of La Naval and its service tug Consor, to the right was the Monte Urquiola (the bigger vessel), and to the left, alongside one each other, the Villaviciosa and Villagarcia; those of the first intermediate arrow: suction dredger Euskalherria or Consulado de Bilbao, bucket ladder dredger Ibaizabal and 100 MT floating crane of the Junta de Obras del Puerto; the one of the second intermediate arrow: fishing ship Erandio or Tartanga; the last arrow points out to a landing craft owned by Elcano, that bought two type LCT-4 to the British Navy. Specs: displacement: 722 MT; length: 56.5 meters; beam: 11.8 meters; depth: 2.3 meters; propulsion: 2 diesel engines Paxman Ricardo 12 cylinders in V, 500 H.P each. They were bought in 1946 and were almost new because they were built in 1945, being named Foca and Morsa. They were sold in 1948 to the Spanish Navy and renamed BDK-1 and BDK-2, being scrapped in 1978 y 1983. Due to the identification of the different vessels the photo can be dated between May and November of 1948.
Unknown vessels - Collection C. Kleiss

Unknown vessels Barceloneta - Collection C. Kleiss
Barcelona - Barceloneta

Unknown vessels Euskalduna - Collection C. Kleiss
Bilbao - Euskalduna
Desconocidos Euskalduna - Colección de C. Kleiss
The coaster has been identified as Kataliñ, built in 1893 and owned by Compañía del Vapor Kataliñ from 1909 to 1919.

Unknown vessels Vulcano - Collection C. Kleiss
Barcelona - Astillero Vulcano
         The small coaster on foreground with the white hull is not identified. After her was the Ciudad de Barcelona, followed by Campogris, Maria Luisa Velasco later renamed Coromoto. Next was theIndico, after her was one of the sister ships Almaden, Almazan, Alcala or Alberique. Perpendicular to the left was Ciudad de Cadiz on a floating dock, and to the right Ciudad de Algeciras or Ciudad de Ceuta on other. The tug identified by Javier Careaga was the Pau Casals, whose building started at Valencia and was finished at Barcelona.
Unknown vessels Vulcano - Collection C. Kleiss

Unknown vessels Luchana - Collection C. Kleiss
Luchana - At the iron ore loading piers.
Desconocidos Luchana - Collection C. Kleiss
On the left the vessel in the background was the Trece, owned by Rafael Ferrer Malzárraga. She was later the Jaime Girona, after sold to Altos Hornos de Vizcaya.

Unknown vessels Melilla - Collection C. Kleiss
         Ships at Melilla. To the left was the Lola, with home port Málaga, that seems a small coaster. I found out the Covadonga data: she was a port tug built in 1910, owned by Sociedad Española de Minas del Rif. Length: 16.0 meters; Beam: 3.7 meters; Depth: 1.6 meters; Gross register: 27.3 GRT; Net register: 11.0 NRT. In the photo the home port was Cádiz, changed to Melilla in 1926. I don't have any data about her scrapping.

Unknown vessels Larache - Collection C. Kleiss
Vessels at Larache. The dredger has the name visible: Marokko, but there is not data about her. The small coaster is not identified.

Unknown vessels Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Collection C. Kleiss
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Desconocidos Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Colección de C. Kleiss
         The Verna Clausen was a Danish vessel with 2,530 TM of dead weight, built in Italia in 1948, that after several owners and names sunk in 1977 due a collision. Her first name change was in 1955, so the photo can be dated between 1948 and 1955. On other photo she can be seen at La Coruña together with the Caranza. By her bow was the tug España II, and alongside her the Cepsa only half seen. The Campoamor was owned by CAMPSA and the Bailen and Monteleon by CEPSA. The gun ship Magallanes was a Spanish Navy vessel that in 1958 was classified as frigate. By her aft was a Trasmediterránea ship, one of the sisters: Ciudad de Alcira or Ciudad de Salamanca. By her stern was the Ciudad de Valencia. The Llumeres was a small coastal vessel owned by Hermanos Varela. The ship at anchor close to the Campoamor was the Esperanza.

Desconocido Gijón - Collection C. Kleiss
The Mouro, that was in second place, is identified. But not the steamer in the foreground.

Desconocidos San Sebastián - Collection C. Kleiss
The San Sebastián old port. The ship with grey hull berthed on the left was the Cementos Rezola Nº 1. The rest are not identified, neither the vessel maneuvering close to the port inlet.

Desconocidos Benedicta - Colección de C. Kleiss
         The small tanker was the Campanilla, that was based there for supplying fuel to ships.
         Javier Careaga has identified the berthed ship, that was the Cartes, because there was the doubt between her and her sister the Mercadal. The other identified were two of the four barges built by Astilleros del Cadagua for Flota Mercante del Estado de Paraguay. They were the Tatayiba and Pykysiry, being the other two Curupayty and Tuyuti. Their dead weigth was 480 MT; the gross register 518 GRT; the length 49.5 meters; the beam 10.4 meters and the depth 3.3 meters. They had auxiliary engines to generate the electricity for the rudder, deck and cargo machinery, lighting and accomodation. The same shipyard built an smaller refrigerated barge named Lomas Valentinas.
        In the same years the same shipping company ordered several ships to Tomás Ruiz de Velasco.
Desconocidos Benedicta - Colección de C. Kleiss

Unknown Gandía - Collection C. Kleiss
At Gandía

Desconocido Galdames - Collection C. Kleiss
At Dársena de Galdames (Sestao)
         The ship at anchor was the Liberty vessel Alheli. She was built in 1943 as Henry Dodge, being Giovanni Amendola since 1946 and Alheli from 1961. She sunk on 24/April/1968 during a trip from Almería to Wilmington.
         Close to her was the Campanilla. The vessels in the row were from right to left: El Saturno, Monte Iciar, Monte Serantes, Apolo and only showing a small part Monte Teide.

Desconocido Pauillac - Collection C. Kleiss
At Pauillac (France). She seems owned by Compañía Bilbaína de Navegación due to the funnel.

Desconocido Barcelona - Collection C. Kleiss

Desconocidos Burriana - Collection C. Kleiss

Desconocidos Castellón - Collection C. Kleiss
The first two are identified.

Desconocidos Almería - Collection C. Kleiss

Desconocidos Valencia - Collection C. Kleiss
Valencia. Three of the vessels made fast to the pier by the aft are identified. Not yet the ones in both ends.

Desconocidos Castellón - Collection C. Kleiss
Castellón. Only the tanker partially seen on the right is not yet identified.

Desconocidos Tenerife - Collection C. Kleiss
Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The vessel berthed between the Leon y Castillo and the pier was one of her two sisters. But which one?

Desconocidos Avilés - Collection C. Kleiss
Avilés. Three are already identified. Another one almost sure and two more left.

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